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New 'Pay As You Go' mobile device ready web sites for escorts

Pay as you go template sites designed for escorts.

Your web site with your own domain name and an email address to go with it for a very little outlay. I can offer you your site built with any of these templates for an initial outlay of £20 per calendar month once setup. The whole process would cost

  • £30 initial setup fee. This will pay for setting up the domain name and all of the files needed.
  • £40 monthly charge (1 months payment in advance)
  • That's it! All done for a month, then its just £20 per month if no adjustments have been requested.

Any adjustments needed after the first hours 'tweak time' will be charged at the rate of £20 per hour or part thereof and put onto that months invoice for payment of the monthly charge.

All I would need to make your own real and proper web site with the payment is:

  • Your chosen domain names to try and find one available, or any particular words you would like me to research availability for.
  • All of the text for your site such as a brief write up about yourself, details of your fees, your location and availability, etc ..
  • The pictures you would like in the gallery (up to 10, and of at least 640 pixels wide and of a fair quality). Please instruct me of any blurring, or adjustments needed at the initial point to avoid potential mistakes.
  • Your chosen email name (the part before the @ symbol).

Please see the example template layout below. This template is built using a mobile device ready template a black and grey damask background. You can click the picture itself for a full scale view of this example. On creation of your site, the colours of the page and the background can be changed to your taste, let me know and I shall make you the template files in your chosen colours, or to match the colours used in your images.

If you want anymore information, or are interested in purchasing a template site, please feel free to mail me by clicking here.

Legal stuff

In order to keep your site and the email associated with it live and viewable, the account must be paid for in advance at all times. If your site runs out of payments cover, it will be suspended. If you then wish for it to be reinstated, the setup fee and the advance payment fee will have to be charged again and the cost will be £70 again, the same as a new client. If your payments cover ceases, your chosen domain name will become available for purchase by someone else.

The invoices must be cleared of payments within 2 weeks of date of invoice. Failure to comply may cause issue with trust between us and repeated problems will end up with your site being pulled down at the end of the last payments cover.

Any works carried out on your site after the seven days grace to iron out any bugs, will be charged at the full rate of £20 per hour or part thereof, so if you need to change text or add a banner or two, try to get the changes done at the same time to keep your costs down.

Your site will be allowed to transfer up to 1GB per month. This is an awful lot of visitors and if your site needs more, I have other options that may be more suited to your needs.